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Our Six Core Competencies

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Strategy & Planning

Our strategy and planning team includes market researchers, staff with industry marketing and sales experience, and business consulting experts from some of America’s top 25 universities. We have successfully worked with clients to define and launch hundreds of new companies, new markets, and new products. And our team has successfully helped reposition companies, products, and portfolios to regain market relevance and overcome adversity.

Brand Development

From brand definition to creative concept and execution, we have defined, developed, and launched over 400 new medical brands using our proprietary Opportunity Launcher™ process. Our brand development efforts include a comprehensive scope of service from brand planning and definition, to naming, visual brand development, brand concepts, and brand execution across a wide range of media and sales channels.

Digital & Interactive Media

Digital and interactive media is foundational to our work with clients. We have extensive experience in a range of digital media including web, mobile, tablet, and interactive exhibit formats. Our team has won dozens of national and international awards in recent years for websites, digital ad campaigns, tablet-based selling applications, and interactive trade show exhibits.

Educating & Equipping Sales Teams

Our clients’ sales teams take on many different forms from robust global direct sales forces to distributor models and various hybrid forms in between. Today, sales teams may also include providers presenting an elective option to a patient, or a first-mover clinician presenting the rationale for a new technology coming into a hospital. Whatever the structure, DevicePharm is experienced in creating a range of educational platforms, conventional collateral, and digital selling platforms for sales teams around the world.

Provider Education & Communication

Selling to healthcare providers today is really a function of education and opening channels of communication. Our team has created a range of award-winning integrated promotional campaigns, branded and non-branded online and event-based educational forums, high-impact convention campaigns, and a host of other initiatives recognized for marketing effectiveness.


At DevicePharm we view consumer marketing as a hybrid of “patient” and “public”. Much of the consumer marketing is actually education delivered by a healthcare professional in their offices or through an expanding range of channels. When appropriate, our team also develops “public” integrated DTC campaigns and initiatives that include internet, social, television, print, outdoor, direct-marketing, and a host of other medial channels. These campaigns have been recognized with dozens of awards for creativity, production quality, and marketing effectiveness.

From strategy and planning to tactical execution, from billion-dollar companies to investor-backed start-ups, DevicePharm provides our clients with the continuum of marketing strategy and integrated marketing solutions needed to achieve success.

We know ’em all

Technology defines our ability to deliver effective multi-channel, integrated marketing communications. Our digital and interactive team is well-versed in a wide range of application/design technologies and can execute across a wide range of platforms from web to tablets and interactive kiosks.

medical marketing solutions

Award-winning Creative Excellence

In the past five years alone, DevicePharm has won dozens of national and international awards for creative excellence and marketing communications efficiency. These awards include campaigns in a range of therapeutic areas and a variety of marketing channels including:

  • Integrated marketing campaigns
  • Professional advertising
  • Consumer advertising
  • Website design
  • Tablet applications
  • Mobile media
  • Digital ad campaigns
  • Video and multimedia
  • Animation
  • Print advertising
  • Television advertising
  • Radio advertising
  • Direct mail
  • Outdoor advertising
  • Public relations
  • Professional education
  • Patient education

Comprehensive Integrated Marketing Solutions

Our six core competencies are a direct reflection of our ability to deliver an integrated marketing solution from strategy through multi-channel healthcare professional and consumer communication. These competencies are derived from the educational and field experiences of our team and a complement to any organization that needs an integrated marketing approach to:

  • Launching a new product
  • Launching a new company or division
  • Launching a new, or expanded, portfolio
  • Developing and launching a strategic program
  • Launching a new market, a new category, or new segment
  • Creating consumer awareness and demand
  • Defining and developing branded educational channels
  • Rebranding and re-launching an existing brand
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