ReShape Medical

Campaign Overview

Core elements of the ReShape campaign include the logo, color palette, “The Non-Surgical Weight Loss Procedure” tagline, as well as the three-phase program definition: Readiness, Jump Start, and Healthy Living. The ReShape campaign scored exceptionally well in consumer testing because of its sophisticated look, aspirational quality, and ability to connect with consumers.


The award-winning ReShape website serves as an online venue for patients to learn about the procedure and its benefits, read patient success stories, and connect with a healthcare provider. A significant SEO marketing campaign has been employed to create awareness and interest in the procedure.

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Sales Representative Tools

Sales representative tools include a tablet application with a practice economic calculator and practice onboarding tools. Practices receive a full suite of tools to attract, educate, and engage patients. To fully educate the in-office staff of allied health professionals, a comprehensive online learning management system has been created and implemented.

Pre-decision Patient Education

Informative collateral reinforces messaging, delivers a cohesive clinical story, and explains in detail the features and benefits of the ReShape procedure.

Post-decision Patient Support

Various post-procedure materials help contribute to the success of ReShape, including educational materials, and an online Patient Portal that allows users to track and share their weight loss, food logging, activity tracking, goal setting, articles, and community forums.