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Ophthalmic Women Leaders

Wiseman Involved in Ophthalmic Women’s Leaders Organizational Growth

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There is a community of women leaders emerging in the field of ophthalmology that is becoming increasingly connected and collaborative. Ophthalmic Women Leaders (OWL) is a non-profit organization that is helping to facilitate this growth by focusing on developing women leaders in the opthalmic space to advance innovation and patient care. DevicePharm’s Vice President, Katherine Wiseman, serves as OWL’s Communications Committee Chair and has been critical in helping to define the organization’s renewed mission, vision, and values, and communications strategy moving into 2015.

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Medical brand strategies - building epic consumer stories

Are You Building An EPIC Consumer Story For Your Brand?

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Medical device manufacturers typically spend the greatest part of their marketing budgets hiring, training and equipping their sales team. It’s a model that makes sense in most cases, since selling a physician, hospital or GPO is critical to building market share for most device manufacturers.

But what about the consumer; does he or she really care about your medical technology brand?

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DevicePharm OCTANe event - how to launch a medical device brand

“How to Successfully Launch a Medical Device Brand” – Key Processes and Strategies

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On the morning of September 16th, DevicePharm welcomed dozens of Orange County early-stage medical technology executives as the host of an OCTANe program titled, “How to Successfully Launch a Medical Device Brand”. Designed to share key learnings from our experience in successfully launching over 400 medical brands, the program focused on common processes and strategies that apply when launching a new company, market, product, or therapy.

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How to Launch A Medical Device Brand

DevicePharm hosts “How to Successfully Launch a Medical Device Brand” program with OCTANe

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The 16th of September is quickly approaching and DevicePharm is excitedly preparing its Orange County office to host an OCTANe program titled, “How to Successfully Launch a Medical Device Brand”. This program is designed to share some of our experience in launching over 400 medical brands with the medical device community. During this presentation, we will discuss tips for how to launch a new company, a new product, and a new market or therapy.

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