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Scratching The Marketing Surface in a Post ACA World

By May 13, 2015 January 2nd, 2018 No Comments
Affordable Care Act

The U.S. Government states that the Affordable Care Act has three main objectives:

  1. Improve quality of healthcare while lowering healthcare costs
  2. Give everyone access to healthcare
  3. Protect the healthcare consumer

These are very nice goals – motherhood and apple pie nice to be specific. But, with these nice, laudable, and simple goals comes the reality of marketing in a post ACA world. For medical device companies, the realities are that:

  • The priorities for decision-making have shifted in most provider organizations.
  • The decision-making power has shifted in many provider organizations.
  • The economic justification for decision has been elevated in most provider organizations.

As a result of these shifts in the marketing and selling of medical devices, companies and their reps have to be nimble and speak multiple “languages” within a provider organization. A rep may go from educating surgeons and operating room staff to a value analysis committee meeting to negotiations with a purchasing manager, all in the course of a day. This requirement to be MacGyver-like is daunting for the best of companies and their reps.

So what is the solution for marketing and sales in a post-ACA world?

  • Reps need to be able to switch from clinical educator, to value expert, to HCAHPS aficionado, to bundled deal-maker in the click of a tablet app button. From the scrub sink to the flat screen in a board room, they have to be ready to communicate detailed information without having a large service animal to carry reams of paper.
  • Companies have to be more cost effective in enabling non-manpower buying on the part of multiple constituencies within the provider organization. Intelligent, web-based systems need to be designed to enable touch of a button access to answers and to push relevant content out based upon psychographic and other behavioral profiles.
  • With all of this, reps are still vital and awareness-generating marketing communications tactics are still vital. And, of course, consumer marketing plays a big role in creating awareness and demand for advanced technologies.

In one suite of apps and interactive PDFs developed for a client by DevicePharm, reps can:

  • Make a clinical presentation,
  • Schedule a demo and unit shipment from the iPad,
  • Send a broad array of clinical and economic content via email,
  • Capture that information transfer back into the CRM system,
  • Perform an on-the-fly economic analysis of the entire product portfolio for a hospital.

This is just the beginning. The CliffsNotes™ version is that technology will enable companies to reach a broader range of constituents with personalized and relevant communications by applying a post-ACA mindset to the planning process.

Brian Famigletti

Brian Famigletti, MBA
Vice President & Managing Director, Minnesota